One To One Treatments

One to One treatments provide support where it is needed. The psycho-spiritual body is a whole. If we enter our healing journey at the level of the body, the mind and emotions are effected as well as the soul. If we touch the spiritual dimensions in our healing, these seeds then move into the physical plane in time. In truth, we must find a balance within and between all aspects of ourselves for complete health.

One To One Treatment Sessions:

Spiritual Counselling and Healing

Somatics, Counsel & Mentorship

Sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes and can be taken in person or online.

This session involves a thorough discussion followed by an appropriate healing or recommendation. Each session is unique, depending on the person and the area of life they are requesting support for. Examples of healing included a shared shamanic journey or a guided meditation. Examples of recommendations include nutritional and movement guidance as well as suggestions for further study and/or inquiry.

one to one treatments

Integrated Healing Session in person

This session involves a welcome chat and check in. We follow this with a full hour on the massage table where Polarity Therapy, Neutral-Space Relaxation, Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki are blended. Each session on the table is unique, brining forward the modality that is most suited to the person and the moment. In closing we speak again. If there is specific helpful information regarding diet, dreamwork, affirmations or movement it will be shared at the end of the session.

one to one treatments

Distance Healing Session in your own home

In distance healing the client creates a warm and comfortable space at home. At the agreed time Hannah begins to send a healing current of energy to the client. This lasts for about 40 minutes. Upon completion it is advised to drink water, rest a bit more, and relax for a while in nature or doing something soothing and soft that you love.


Hannah has in her tool kit a range of modalities which are applied in her one to one sessions.

Polarity Therapy Training Brighton

Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy is a complete holistic system involving osteopathic manipulation, energy techniques, counseling, nutrition and yoga. It is based on the ancient sciences of the Vedas. Comprising more than 60 movement exercises, 250 maps of the body and multiple counselling and diagnostic skill sets the system touches each client exactly where they need healing. It is the life work of Dr. Randolph Stone who co-founded The Chicago School of Drugless Healing and served clients in both the Punjab area of India and Chicago. Dr. Stone’s legacy has spread internationally and there are many incredible polarity therapists around the world.

Neutral-Space Relaxation®


Neutral-Space Relaxation® is a registered and trademarked method which increases core stability and emotional/mental balance. Through a set of specific techniques, as well as an overall approach and presence, healing takes place across the body-mind-spirit. There is no ‘story’ to process in this work, but rather as the biology shifts the biography – or history – of the body becomes neutralised. From a neutral space, the heart unfolds. 


Craniosacral Therapy

Cranosacral Therapy works with the bony structure, the fluids and tissues or organs of the body to facilitate healing. Like a gentle wave, craniosacral work titrates the core nervous system and gently washes the body. As the body rests, the tissues and organs may release stuck energies and trauma. From this space of peace and stillness core healing is established. Dr. Sutherland, who developed the biodynamic model, was a close friend and colleague of Dr. Randolph Stone.

Reiki Healing Brighton


Reiki is a flow of ki or chi which undulates through the universe and is channeled through the hands for the purposes of healing. The key, or receptor channel for this energy, is activated teacher to student in a lineage of healers extending back to Master Usui Ryoho. Reiki is not new, it has moved through the created universes for all of time, but it is Master Usui Ryoho whose life work was a quest to discover and open this channel for the students and patients he served. Master Ryoho believed that Reiki may be the energy Christ used when healing the sick.

Somatic Therapy Brighton


Soma means body and Somatics is the use of awareness to heal the body-mind-spirit both for oneself and for clients. Somatics developed at the turn of the last century alongside breath work, rebirthing work, gymnastics, alignment and rehabilitation. It is based in the physical systems of the body, has movement at its core and recognises that emotion follows movement and can thus facilitate deep healing. Movement may be led through verbal and visual guidance, or may be facilitated through touch.

Shamanic Journey Shamanism

Shamanic Journey

Shamanic work addresses healing in the spiritual dimensions. Through the use of music, trance and time-tested techniques the healer journeys to the spiritual dimensions to untangle the root cause of illness. These dimensions are also known as the causal and subtle planes. Clients may at times journey with the healer, or the healer may facilitate the client to journey on their own. In this way the ancestral, inherited aspects of illness find release.

Benefits of Treatment

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