Sovereignty & Love book launch edit
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Sovereignty & Love book launch edit

A gorgeous edit from the launch party for ‘Sovereignty and Love: Bright Ideas for a Better Future’. 9th Dec 2021

Jenny Lynne Sessions (jen-ix) opening blessings, excerpt of reading and poem

Lucy Wylde music ‘Courage’

Hannah Jewel reading ‘Pinyos and the Seeds’

Victoria Cooper music ‘Ide Were Were’

Vicki O’Brien music ‘Joy’

Hannah Jewel Q n A

Scott and Maria music ‘Ancestors’

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Jen-ix: I feel so privileged to be here tonight to support Hannah in the launch of her beautiful book because she’s a truly beautiful soul. We need no words, because I’m sure you can feel it in the energy so you’ll know what I mean. I’m very happy that we’re friends – thank you.

The book is absolutely beautiful, I love the way it looks and I love the way it feels. And the words speak for themselves. So, thank you – and thank all the unseen beings as well that have come through that creation.

I’m just going to invite you to take a couple of breaths, and just really arrive in your seat that’s supporting you, and just close your eyes for a moment and really bring yourself present. Just let go of wherever you’ve been today. Bring yourself present into this beautiful space, being really generous with a breath or two. I’m just going to invite in a little spirit song, and while I do that I’m going to invite you to hold in your heart the seed of this beautiful book and its messages, and see them travelling out to all the places that they need to go, from close to far away. And hold that wish for this book to fly with the wings of integrity that it has to open hearts, connect people, and inspire and awaken – as I’m sure it will. But first, just feel the intimate connection with your soul – and please welcome yourselves here, because we so often forget that little bit. When we’re here, everyone else can benefit from that connection.

*song* by Jen-ix 

Part of the story of New Face: excerpt from page 82

‘And the girl began to welcome the men as they approached her home. Only this time she did not take them inside. Instead, she taught them a different kind of beauty. The beauty of the light within her. Her own light. Her sacred wellspring of being. And she talked for many long hours with the men. Ans she told them of the way of knowing peace. And she told them the story of the Moon. Of the way she heard Great Spirit calling. And she inspired many men to seek out the voice of great Spirit. Ans she inspired many women to walk into to the desert and seek their inner knowing, their inner beauty. And in time, her reputation grew. Mothers would send their daughters to learn from her. And men would come from far and wide, for the healing conversation and presence of her being. And in time she became known as a peacemaker. For she brought peace to many.’

*poem* by Jen-ix 

*song* by Lucy Wylde 

Part of the story of Pinyos: except from page 89

‘Pinyos and the Seeds. Every thought, feeling and action has the potential to create entire forests of existence. In Ecuador, from the indigenous peoples of South America, there is a legend and a story that illustrates the power of the seeds we plant and the forests they make. This story is part of the Shuar oral tradition, who are themselves part of the larger Quechua family of nations. Because this story illustrates such a powerful concept and it has played such an important part in my life, I share it with you here’….listen to the full cast for more!