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Opening Our Arms

SirrSana Sanctuary team members

A SirrSana Sanctuary Open Event

On winter solstice 2022 I called a meeting for close friends to come and share the healing centre vision with me. Of those who came, six of us formed a group. And we opened a period of visioning.

During our visioning we gathered regularly to share I presence, discuss concepts, share of ourselves, meditate and pray. In this way we built the foundations of the centre on a sacred stone of reciprocity and care. As each meditation opened a new idea, a new area to focus on, we would look from many angles. We were guided by our sense of purpose alongside a willingness to see and meet the present needs of our brothers and sisters. Slowly a structure emerged to hold the depth of our vision. 

We are a for-purpose enterprise comprised of healthcare professionals and enthusiasts. For-purpose business is a new and emerging model which carves a path in the middle way. We are not for-profit and thus not owned by shareholders or laden with the burden of payouts. We are not not-for-profit and thus not limited by ceilings or ideologies. We are for-purpose and therefore function through economic integrity, practical reciprocity and shared vision. 

Sirrsana Sanctuary is a space conceived to support the health and wellbeing of our local community as well as long term guests for depth healing. We are re-defining conceptions of health and healthcare. Our populations needs are complex at this time, therefore new models of healthcare are required. SirrSana Sanctuary is at the forefront of delivering a model that transitions us from the present need to a future of beauty and thriving – for the next seven generations. 

We invite you to an Open Evening to share ideas, receive feedback, celebrate where we’ve got to and generate movement. 

Thursday July 18th 6:30-9pm at The Friends Meeting House in Brighton. 

The event will include live music, presentation of our project, time for feedback and idea sharing, and a shared dance and prayer with sacred cacao. 

The evening is completely free. In generosity, we open our arms to you. RSVP appreciated. Please contact Hannah via this website OR register via our eventbrite invite.