Working With Tobacco

Working With Tobacco


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Tobacco is a plant teacher ally recognised by indigenous peoples the world over for its ability to connect us to the creator. As a father figure in the plant kingdom, tobacco protects, grounds and cleanses us. In the modern era, our use of tobacco has turned toward overconsumption and abuse. I invite you, dear reader, to open your heart and your mind to new conceptions of him. As you get to know tobacco in a new way, you may wish to engage with him in new practical ways. The methods and histories shared here are intended to help us shift from addictive, abuse oriented relations to ones of sacred respect and healthy conversation. As your journey opens, I wish you many blessings and much grace.



Spirit of Tobacco

European Use

Varieties of Tobacco 

Indigenous Use

The Four Elements of Tobacco

Mapacho Infusion 

Ceremonial Use

Smoking Tobacco

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