Women’s Work and Ceremony

Women’s Work and Ceremony


November 2nd 2024 – June 29th 2025

The exchange for the full nine-month programme is £2220.00. This breaks down to £320 x 6 in-person Retreat Nights. £25 x 4 online zoom meet ups + £200 for the Online Study Programme (regularly £330).

An initial payment of £200 secures your space. The remainder is due two weeks before the start of the programme.

*Please note, deposits are not generally refundable. Payments may be spread throughout the programme. If this would be helpful for you, please ask.

Welcoming you with open arms. If you’d like more details, including a month-by-month study plan, and/or a discussion please schedule a call or send a message.

November opens a programme of self development and study for women. We initiate ourselves through a process of self birth in this journey. The depth of the programme is profound and as such, it is exquisitely held. This journey is for women who are ready for depths, heights, surrender and stillness combined. You will need patience and resolve and you will then emerge as the queen of your own heart and life.

Why do women’s work? In a time when gender and alchemy are both hot topics, women’s work stands at the centre. A woman brings life into the world. A woman lives cyclic rhythms, in her monthly menses and over the stages of her reproductive life. Her biology is feminine, and yet we all carry both feminine and masculine within us. 

Join me as we journey through the unique power afforded to women of the earth. We are letting go of the age of patriarchy and with that the trauma, trials and tribulations we have all suffered. We are part of the glorious rising of the feminine as we enter and create new paradigms of living.  

Each one of us carries a distinct imprint and the world needs this imprint for our collective wholeness. As women, we lift each other up to find our unique gifts. Our diversity is our unity and we will celebrate each other to bring our gifts forward. 


The Programme

Six In Person Retreats around a sacred fire.

The in person days comprise extended meditation around a sacred fire, movement, song, prayer and self reflection. 

The first two retreat sessions will focus on the physical aspects of women’s healing. We make contact with our womb, our bones and our blood cycles. We descend into the shadow of our unconscious to discover the jewels beneath the mud. 

The second two retreat sessions move into the emotional aspects of our health. We open a deeper conversation with our womb and reproductive systems, with our generative creative life force. Healing of the unmet needs of the child, and care for the children of this life and this earth come into focus. 

The final two retreat sessions draw the gifts of our divine blueprint forth. As the fire of our hearts is kindled, we bring warmth to the visions we have steadily grown through the year. 


An Online Study Programme is woven between the in person Gatherings and includes: 

👑 A series of meditations that build and deepen in sequence

👑 A series of inquiry that help us to investigate who we are in relationship to our past, present, ancestry and our dreams

👑 A series of yoga sessions which bring the energetic and orthodox aspects of our anatomy into flowering health

👑 A series of readings from North American, Sumerian and Celtic mythic lineages 

👑 Twelve beautifully told stories told in a beautiful aural storytelling format

👑 A curated list of resources for further reading and study


Support Between Sessions

Between the in person gatherings you will have a sister within the group as your designated support woman. You may do the online study portions together, meet up for coffee/tea/walks or chat on the phone. However you decide to support each other, you are there to help each other navigate the powerful waters of transformation.

In addition to your designated sister support woman, we will meet online. The online meetings are a chance for Hannah to deepen the teachings of the study programme and weave these together with the in person retreat experiences. The online meet ups allow to connect as a full group, to witness each other allow themes to reveal themselves, and propel our journeys forward. 

The Programme is intended to catalyse powerful personal inquiry and provide healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. The structure of the 9 months is to provide a sacred container for our self birth. Self birth is a powerful process. A full commitment to the entire programme is required to complete the transformation fully. We welcome women of diverse backgrounds – sisters it is time we weave our stories together. 


Who is the Women’s Work For

The programme is for women who carry the biological basis of the womb. Women who are at every stage of the biological journey, including pregnancy, with young children, post-menopause and perio-menopause are welcome. Women who have had hysterectomies will benefit greatly from this healing work.

Women who are in leadership or who have completed courses of self development work previously will appreciate the in depth nature of the transformative journey. You will develop a strong network of care but you will need to have some experience of self motivated learning in order to move through the full programme. It is surrender to the mystery and the unknown which allows change to unfold in your life. If you are ready to embody the beautiful, sovereign and wise being that you are, this work is for you. We will find that power is also gentle, nourishing an feminine at its core.

*Please note, if you were not born with a womb but are interested in the feminine aspects of your identity, it is more appropriate for me to work with you individually.


Dates and Details – In Person Sessions begin from 10am on the Saturday morning and complete by 3pm on the Sunday afternoon.

In-Person Retreat Session One (November 2nd–3rd, 2024)

In-Person Retreat Session Two (Dec 7th–8th, 2024)

In-Person Retreat Session Three (Jan 17th–18th) 2025

In-Person Retreat Session Four (Feb 15th–16th, 2025)

In-Person Retreat Session Five (May 17th–18th) 2025

In-Person Retreat Session Six (June 28th–29th, 2025)


As part of the Women’s Work you will receive:

Six in person Retreat Sessions around a sacred fire

Hannah’s Empowering The Feminine Online Study Programme with accompanying workbook

A designated Support Sister for the duration of your journey

Regular zoom calls to deepen and support the process

A tribe of women to celebrate your journey with

A co-initiatory process of power


Women’s Experience

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey of Hannah’s Women’s Immersion Programme. I have learned and grown so much over this time. The experience has been so beautiful and nourishing – it is a true blessing to have had the opportunity to receive such gifts. Lots of love and light to Hannah and all the women.’

‘This women’s programme has led me and us to a beautiful moment of togetherness, deep transformation and heart. You have held us all beautifully with a gentle yet incredibly powerful tenderness through all our highs and lows. The teachings online, in between the retreat, have been exquisite, timely and meaningful. Hannah has a way of sharing stories and songs that touches a profound place inside and continues to unravel across time. What an experience!’ 

‘I am so grateful for this deep and powerfully transformative journey with Hannah. Over these months I have seen huge changes in my life. My mind and mental health have so much more clarity and freedom, I have more support and connection to people around me. I am experiencing new types of relationships that are infinitely more nourishing and healthy. I loved connecting with a new group of women and feel I have some wonderful new friends. I have a new connection tot he elements and nature and song. The stories and practices have touched me and I feel a new connection to my femininity. I am stepping into life as a more deeply sovereign and compassionate woman.’



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