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Sacred Prayer Beads

Sacred Prayer Beads


These prayer beads are for use in Sufi mantra. They follow the style of the Turkish tradition, having 3 sets of 33 beads and 3 spacers. In this way 101 recitations are accomplished through one cycle of prayer. The mantras follow the 99 names of God as taught within Sufi tradition worldwide. A small booklet with several of the names and their explanations are included to get you started.

These beads are lovingly handcrafted by Grace, a close friend and student of Hannah’s. They are made of gemstone combinations chosen for purity, expansion and balance. Proceeds from these sales directly support the seed fund for the Jewel of Peace Healing Centre.

Choose from:

Love, Balance & Clarity: Rose quartz, Amazonite, Rainbow Moonstone.
Expansion & Purification: Labradorite, Larvikite, Lapis Lazuli.
Protection, Grounding & Evolution: African Turquoise, Dalmatian Stone, Smokey Quartz.


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