Reiki Master Group Training

Reiki Master Group Training


This ticket is for the immersive group study of Reiki.

Reiki Master Group Training

A deep immersion into Reiki. Reiki Training is offered on a One to One basis throughout the year. For those who would prefer to study in a group, or who have already studied Reiki I or II, the immersive course is for you. We deepen the first Reiki Rays and add to them the spirit of mastery. Introducing the third Reiki Ray represents a step to stand fully in your own power and to walk in your mastery. The intensive course is designed to usher you into this new stage.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a simple and profound tool applied in complementary medicine. Reiki is taught by opening channels for its flow within your body. This happens via an attunement, where the Reiki Teacher and Master you are studying with works with you one to one.  During your attunement Reiki, or universal chi, will begin to flow through your body. This flow is then directed toward healing.


The Course 

The retreat comprises teachings, theory, and practice sessions as well as each student’s attunement. We will discuss in depth how Reiki moves in your life, in the world, and in the universe. We will practice Reiki on ourselves, each other and for specific places or situations. At the close of the retreat a feedback and supervision period helps us to anchor the work. We then celebrate our birth as a Reiki practitioner and master.

We will meet from 9am to 5pm each day.

Day 1 – Level I – Principles, History, Source and Function, Attunement, Self Reiki Healing, Practice Session.

Day 2 – Level II – Animals, Crystals, Essential Oils, Attunement, Reiki Healing for the Earth, Practice Session.

Day 3 – Level III – Understanding Mastery, Attunement, Reiki Healing for Others, Practice Session.

Day 4 – Level III – Ethics, Attunement, Practice Session, Feedback and Supervision, Closing Ritual.


Over 4 days we move through the 3 levels. Upon completion, you will receive certification for Reiki up to Level III. Your certification will be recognised by all insurers and you will be able to practice Reiki with clients.


A Commitment to Mastery

A commitment to self-mastery is required to begin the work with Hannah. The way we live Reiki in our thoughts, speech and daily movements is vital. Only when we are a full and clear channel for Reiki do we attain to the level of master.

Many of our students have completed Reiki Levels I or II previously. In moving through them again, with the intention of mastery present from the start, more refined doors may open within. The work of mastery is present throughout the four days and woven into all aspects of the teaching.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing supervision is given through a regular Reiki Meet Up.  We share our progress, ask questions, and give sessions to each other. A group chat also keeps us connected.


The exchange for the full retreat, including teaching and the mid-day meal is £700. *Accommodation is not included in the retreat. There are many lovely places to stay in Brighton and the surrounding areas, close to the sea and the downs. When possible, we can help facilitate your arrangements.



What Other Students Have Said

‘Thank you, dearest Hannah for such a wonderful course. Your teaching is profound, wise, filled with absolute integrity and joy. These past 4 days were transformational for me. Thank you for holding me in such trust, light and love.’

‘This course changed my life. I had worked with other modalities before, but this course really opened me up to the more subtle dimensions of light. It was just profound.’

‘Since training with Hannah I have been using Reiki daily in my life. It is helping me to connect with others in very meaningful ways and bringing me a strong sense of peace, especially when I am outside.’


If you need more information, do schedule a chat/introduction call or send a message.

We are delighted to welcome you to our lineage in the Reiki way of life and healing!

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