Reiki III Training

Reiki III Training


One-to-one Reiki Training – Level III

Three separate days of 4 hours each with 2 Zoom calls included £750

Convenient Dates and Times will be arranged via a call once the course has been booked.

An immersion into Reiki. Reiki is said to be the energy that Christ used for healing. It is simple and profound. The attunements you receive during training open the flow of Reiki, or universal chi, to flow through your body. This flow is then directed toward healing.

Reiki supports most other healing modalities and also stands alone as a powerful healing tool.

Level I introduces the history, method and principles. You are able to practice Reiki on yourself.

Level II covers work with crystals, the chakra system, animals and distance healing. You are able to give Reiki to animals, the earth and to other individuals.

Level III strengthens the Reiki ray and provides tools for self mastery. You are able to effectively transmute energies and provide restoration to the cellular and spiritual bodies of clients

A Commitment to Mastery

A commitment to self-mastery is required to begin the work with Hannah. The way we live Reiki in our thoughts, speech and daily movements is vital. Only when we are a full and clear channel for Reiki do we attain to the level of master.

Many of our students have completed Reiki Levels I or II previously. In moving through them again, with the intention of mastery present from the start, more refined doors may open within. The work of mastery is present throughout the four days and woven into all aspects of the teaching.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing supervision is given through a regular Reiki Meet Up. We share our progress, ask questions, give sessions to each other. A group chat also keeps us connected.

What Other Students Have Said

‘Thank you, dearest Hannah for such a wonderful course. Your teaching is profound, wise, filled with absolute integrity and joy. These past 4 days were transformational for me. Thank you for holding me in such trust, light and love.’

‘This course changed my life. I had worked with other modalities before, but this course really opened me up to the more subtle dimensions of light. It was just profound.’

‘Since training with Hannah I have been using Reiki daily in my life. It is helping me to connect with others in very meaningful ways and bringing me a strong sense of peace, especially when I am outside.’

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