Neutral-Space Relaxation Training One-to-One

Neutral-Space Relaxation Training One-to-One


Level I – Certified Practitioner – Three days intensive of 6 hours each with 2 Zoom calls included – £999
Level II – Certified Advanced Practitioner –  Three days intensive of 6 hours each with 2 Zoom calls included – £999
Book Both levels at the same time for a %10 discount
Have you thought about moving into the health and wellbeing industry? Do you have experience of needing healing and not being able to find the person or method that works for you? Are you concerned about the way healthcare is managed in our current system? If so then this course would be a good fit. We cover the basics of energy and complementary medicine, with a foundation of theory to support it. The course is hands-on and applied. Practical demonstrations are given and students practice with each other during the course. Ongoing supervision after course completion allows you to step into this powerfully growing field with confidence.
Level I

Relaxation Techniques Level I. Meridian Balancing. Foot, Hip, and Shoulder Alignment  Working with the Eyes, Skull and Neck. Coming into Breath. Movement and Yoga for reading the Nervous System. Dropping Into Your Heart – Deep Self Development. Client Communication and Feedback. Embodied Relaxation. Food as Nourishment.

Level II

Relaxation Techniques Level II. Advanced Nervous System work. Spinal Balancing. Introduction to the Five Elements. Meeting Your Energy Body. Movement and Yoga for the Spine. Didactic listening. Client Communication from the Heart. Self Care and Deepening States of Awareness. Food as an Offering.



Once your training and case studies are complete you will receive a professional certificate which you may put forward to your insurance body and professional organisations.

Level I allows you to practice on family and friends. Level II allows you to practice with paying clients. The course is accredited by the IPHM and recognised by the UKPTA.

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