Introduction Day

Introduction Day


Welcoming you to an introductory talk on alternative medicine. Enjoy complementary sessions in yoga, energy healing and meditation. This is an opportunity to meet us in person,  experience the power of our work and share in discussion of relevance to you. A field of healing where you as a human being are fully met in the presence of the work.

The Programme of the Day

1pm Arrival and opening meditation

1:30pm Introduction to energy medicine:

What is complementary and alternative medicine

How dos it work

What are the benefits

Contraindication and who is suited for which methods

2:15pm Mini yoga session

3pm Mini bodywork session

4pm Closing and departure


What to Expect

  • Meditation clears and opens the way. Our meditations are designed to centre and focus us for the workshop.
  • During the day feel free to ask about the training programmes offered through Jewel of Peace. You will have a chance to ask about your own journey and desires. We can discover together what your next best steps could look like.
  • Yoga forms one of the main pillars of our Year Long Energy Healer Programme. The Healing or Energy Based Yoga in this path is about moving energy from stillness into flow. It involves breath, easy stretching and motion.
  • Mini sessions are 20-40 minutes in length. They will be in either Polarity Therapy, Neutral-Space Relaxation or Reiki. The sessions give you an opportunity to feel the energy of the work. Once you feel it, it is hard to go back to a mundane existence.


Who can Attend 

If you would like to know about complementary and alternative medicine you are welcome to attend. You do not have to be ready to study. This is an opportunity to experience and ask questions. Of course, we would love you to study with us, but it is not an obligation! You are welcome as you are, where you are on your journey.


Here’s how the work has unfolded for others:

Courses are accredited by the IPHM:



The March 16th Open Day will be at About Balance Studio in downtown Brighton. Details sent upon registration.


Introduction Days are a joyous way to meet and begin your journey! We look forward to welcoming you.


Hannah Jewel

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