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Pregnancy & Women’s Health – Ida

pregnancy and women's health

Ida began her work with me through a desire to conceive. She attended a shamanic and yoga retreat weekend I held. The shamanic work was powerful, highlighting her willingness and her power in surrender to the process. She did not have a long term partner, and was making the choice to call in a child regardless. Over the course of the weekend Ida got in touch with her maternal family line and received blessings for her choice. 

Later that year Ida met a beautiful man and they started a relationship. She conceived very quickly. In her joy, Ida studied Neutral-Space relaxation with me. Through the pregnancy, Ida learned about her physical and her energy body in depth. She began making art from nature and with oil pastels. Her connection to her family lineage grew and soon enough she delivered a son with ease. Within the first year however, her relationship ended. Ida took courage, choosing to focus on herself and her work, securing a home for her and her son. As time went by, Ida began to search for understanding about her relationship. She attended several more women’s retreats with me, each unveiling layers of her rage, shame and creativity in equal measure. 

After another year Ida began to feel that she could direct her life towards her creativity and joy more fully. She signed up for my nine month women’s programme, and during this time she enjoyed and very sweet reunion with her partner. During the final retreat of my women’s programme, Ida called forth her creative joy to make a life doing the work she truly loved, with energy healing. Ida enrolled in my Reiki training and also took other courses in Crystal Healing and Women’s Empowerment. At this time Ida is creating a small business in Crystal and Energy Healing. She has a strong family bond. She is aware of herself on many levels. 

Often time our healing is circular, moving in spiral fashion across our deepest wounds. When we are consistent, taking hardship and change in good stride, we are able to unveil our most authentic expression through these challenges. Rather than see the healing work as a one fix solution, Ida was able to direct the healing she received toward a more full expression of her authenticity. In the West, where we are not born into a culture which directs our path, we sometimes search for one possibility or another through multiple modalities. When we are able to trust our inner yearnings, these will weave together over the years into a tapestry which truly holds us.