Neutral-Space Relaxation Training

Neutral-Space Relaxation is a stand alone therapy with proven effects in restoration of the nervous system, increase in emotional wellbeing and establishing a core sense of balance (both physical and emotional). A set of specified techniques on the massage table allow the practitioner to hold space for healing. In Neutral-Space Relaxation we do not process stories on the psychological level, but work somatically to allow the body to establish its own vitality. At the close of the course you will be a certified practitioner, ready to enrol in our professional organisation and practice clinically. 44 hours of education.

Neutral-Space Relaxation TrainingIPHM

Neutral-Space Relaxation Training One-to-One


Neutral-Space Relaxation Techniques®

The Programme

We will have rich, detailed sessions in theory.

Anatomy and physiology are taught as both theory and practical learning.

Practical sessions on the massage table are demonstrated with a chance to practice each body map. Supervision and feedback ensure the learning is integrated.

Movement, yoga, and feedback are an integral part of the training.

Upon completion of training, you will need to complete a number of case studies and receive supervision.

You will receive 30 hours of instruction + 4 hours of supervision. You will see 20 practice clients.

We meet from 9 am – 5 pm each day in Brighton, Sussex. The training is in person.


Once your training and case studies are complete you will receive a professional certificate which you may put forward to your insurance body and professional organisations.

Level I allows you to practice on family and friends. Level II allows you to practice with paying clients. The course is accredited by the IPHM and recognised by the UKPTA.