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Natasha is a woman in her late forties. She runs a pilates business in a busy metropolitan city. She grew up in the city and it is home to her, with friends and family nearby. She is a fitness expert and takes great care of her body and health. When Natasha came to me she was curious about energy and the spiritual dimensions.

Natasha came to me for a series of Reiki sessions. Our first session was short, but Natasha experienced waves of blissful energy moving through her in a way she had never felt before. It was like being in the ocean, rocking in the womb of the earth. She was keen to come again and over the course of several months we worked for longer and longer periods.

In our early sessions Natasha experienced the recalibrating of her nervous system. Relaxing into the waves of energy and bliss supporting her, she was able to allow emotions arise. Her process was gentle, and the emotions would come little by little, allowing her space to recognise them, feel them and release them with ease. As Natasha’s emotions began to settle, her nervous system began to relax more deeply. This could be seen in the deep rest states Natasha entered into on the table, as well as in the softening and opening of her diaphragm. Natasha’s breathing became more full, and her ability to connect her emotions to situations that had caused her pain became more fluid. A powerful sense of gratitude opened in Natasha. She began to see colours more vividly.

Then one day we were on the table and Natasha exclaimed, ‘Hannah I don’t know what’s happening to me! My head feels like it is opening at the top. Waves of energy and light are there, it is crazy. I feel as if I’m taller too.’ She was exuberant with this discovery and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh. After the session, I explained the chakra system to Natasha. She was able to identify the opening of her crown chakra as the sensations she experienced. A desire to learn more, to develop her spiritual sense awoke in her. She beamed with radiance.

In the work I do, I like to allow people to experience first. The opening that each person will have is unique to them, in its pace, pattern and direction. Through allowing, just what is needed for their body, mind and spirit will come through. And just what is needed is enough.