Jewel Of Peace Healing Centre

The Jewel of Peace Healing Centre has two aims. The first is to serve those who have reached their limit within the mainstream model of healthcare and who are ready to work holistically with a team of experts across allopathic, complementary and traditional medicine. The second is to provide a space where connection and collaborations may form which directly address the relationship of human and planet, human and cosmos in the time of our current transitions. As our ways of life begin to shift entirely, new models of healthcare, healing, environment and lifestyle become our paramount focus.

The Jewel of Peace Healing Centre will deliver person centred, practical and spiritual interventions to those in need of healing. We offer a space where connection is made to self, spirit, planet and cosmos. In such a space incredible collaborations are born.

Miracles of Healing happen here.

Birthing the Healing Centre

Bright Sky

Bart deGreeve is an inspiring human being. His personal story awakens: a young man – enthusiastic, hopeful – working hard and ‘making it’, hitting the millionaire mark, only to ‘lose

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Paper Circuses

As a child I used to take a stack of paper, a book, markers, scissors, tape and go to the car. I’d sit on the bench seat (without the seat

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Get Involved

At this stage we are looking for land, resources and people. A small board of advisors is forming, with expertise across international law, indigenous rights, complementary healing and finance. Spiritual support is in place. The project is guided by the vision received by Dr Hannah Jewel McClure in 1986, carried forward to this moment for its fulfilment and resolution.

If you would like a copy of the detailed plan and vision, please write to Hannah directly. We sincerely appreciate the energy, encouragement and practical support of all.