“A jewel like no other. Hannah’s dedication to her work reflects each and every treatment I have had with her. She has an extensive knowledge on all levels which allowed for me to safely drop in to her presence – something that I don’t do very often due to my extensive trauma. I cannot recommend her enough, she sees beyond the physical and her skills have helped me to become aware of my being as a whole. She has so much compassion for all whilst staying humble and grounded within her own being. A true gift to this world.”


“Working with Hannah’s guidance has been an amazing and life changing journey for me. All the time, I feel her support near by. Her kindness and beautiful shining eyes soothe my heart. She is full of compassion and love and works from the heart centre. I am so lucky that I met her on my journey to home. I can feel her light from miles away.”


“Working with Hannah has been a life changing experience for me. She creates and holds a sacred space in which true healing is possible. Through her innate wisdom and extensive knowledge of the healing arts, she has helped me to see myself and the world through a new lens – one of acceptance and intricate beauty. I cannot over emphasise the importance of the work she is doing to help so many, it is rare to find someone who devotes their life to the healing of others. I would recommend her to anyone looking to change for the better.”


“Working with Hannah has been a life changing journey for me. Hannah is someone who lives her teachings and her medicine in every interaction, every conversation, every meal shared. I have attended her women’s work for almost 2 years. This has helped me heal many layers of trauma, which in turn has improved all the relationships in my life (even the most difficult ones), is helping me face adversity with a lot more resilience but also my life satisfaction and even finances have improved as a result. The women’s work has connected me with an amazing community  and created a safe container for us to share and come together. Healing truly has a ripple effect and there is no better guide than Hannah to walk the path alongside you. Hannah is incredibly intuitive, dedicated to serving others and uniquely is able to combine strength and gentleness to mirror your potential back to you.”


“Thank you so much Hannah for your wisdom and grace during our Sufi course. You really expanded my horizons, gaving me a powerful experience that I can use in my daily life, and generously met all my questions and concerns with a warmth and clarity that touched me deeply. It deepened my enquiry so much and charged up my curiosity to learn and experience more. What a gift! Thank you once again.”


“Since working with Hannah my senses have changed. My dreams are vivid and I feel a lot in my waking state. It was a divine experience and I just cannot unsee or “unfeel” what I have discovered. Thank you for creating that safe space for me, so I could immerse myself in the moment.”


“Hannah has a brilliant way of weaving spiritual pathways together. Working with her has been life changing, both in a way of deep body and spiritual healing and also as ongoing self development. I particularly love and feel supported by the depth of context and storytelling she brings to the work. She is meticulous and conscientious whilst balancing her joyful and humorous feminine intuition. I have much gratitude for her strength and determination to create a more beautiful world.”


“I have learned and grown so much through participating in Hannah’s retreats. They are always safe, warm and welcoming. Her integrity, humility and dedication are heartfelt and rare and I am drawn to work with her again and again. Thank you Hannah!”


“I have attended a number of retreats run by Hannah and have seen her for one to one healing sessions. Hannah  approaches her work with great respect and integrity towards all of those who work with her. She works with sensitivity and care, and my overriding feeling is of being held very safely by her. She is very principled in her way of working. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”


“‘Hannah is a rare jewel. She is kind, wise and knows the value of laughter. Working with her has been so joyful!”