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Curing Cancer with Rachel Crow

Rachel Crow is a resident of Wales, a home-educating mother, a drum-maker, story-weaver and inspiring goddess. She’s recovered from alcohol and drug addiction, and considers recovery from food issues and co-dependency to be as equally important.

In 2018, just six years ago, Rachael had her first diagnosis of cancer. Her journey to all clear in 2021 embraces allopathic intervention through chemotherapy alongside natural and alternative medicine.

Rachel’s new book ‘Cancer as an Initiation’ shines with her passion for life and the beauty of her inner light. Do attend her book launch and get in touch with her if you too are inspired by our conversation or would like to talk about cancer more deeply.


Contact Rachel at  info@rachaelcrow.co.uk

And also via:



Book Launch Party March 31st


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