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Opening Sacred Space

Are you a facilitator of groups?

Do you hold powerful roles in leadership?

Does your heart ache to bring more depth into your life and work?

‘Opening Sacred Space’ provides timeless, ageless methods for creating more impactful, respectful, responsive encounters.

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Opening Sacred Space is a rich and beautiful journey through the four directions. Laying a simple altar, participants are guided in touching the sacred within themselves, setting protective container and calling on their deep, spiritual resources for support. Moving through each direction, we learn to pace and set our meetings, conferences, courses and classes along a track catalysed for depth process and engagement. We consider how our clients and colleagues may respond inside such a container. And we discuss how to cleanse and ground ourselves. Closing the space is as important as opening it. We close together.

Course content:

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‘Opening Sacred Space was a joy to study. I immediately immersed myself into the teachings and felt the strength of the space I was creating along-side the tutorial. Its layers of potential and protection are something I have continued to utilise and be inspired by.’

Opening Sacred Space

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Course content

Opening Sacred Space Module One

Altar Set Up | Opening the Space | Protections | Student Processes

Opening Sacred Space Module Two

Cleansing the Space | Nourishment and Completion | Integration | Closing the Space | Attending to the Fire