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Bright Sky


Bart deGreeve is an inspiring human being. His personal story awakens: a young man – enthusiastic, hopeful – working hard and ‘making it’, hitting the millionaire mark, only to ‘lose it’, ending up penniless on the streets. Through deep feeling and persistence, he found a middle way, and this way is connected to love. Interweaving business and love is not an easy task in a climate of post-monopoly capitalism. And yet it is THE task. So when I received inner guidance to begin working on the healing centre, it was natural to speak to Bart.

Bart, in incredible generosity, brought a steady and gentle approach to the process of creation. He spoke with me week after week, month after month, asking questions and helping to refine what I felt, saw and had to move ahead with. He encouraged me to know my vision with such clarity that it could withstand years of mud, sweat and retelling. He empowered me to stand at the centre of my vision. He asked just enough, and in doing so, gave me the freedom I needed to dream.

The dreaming stage of a project is the first stage. Like stars born out of the night, the dream moves from divine inspiration through a human heart and out into view. What is it? Where did it come from? Where is it going? And the star comes into focus. After many conversations, with everyone I knew and came into contact with, the focus became more and more clear. And it emerged that the healing centre has a foundation of grounded, spiritual tradition. Practical approaches with time tested results are tailored here. They form the backbone of a holistic paradigm informing principles of design, administration, production and care. Love, as the guiding principle of every true tradition, is woven through the living of our lives.

With the North star in place the sun may rise, and we are now moving into preparation for action. Friends, connections and colleagues are welcome to contact me for potential roles in all areas.  Sponsors, angel investors and those with gifts in kind are kindly invited to approach*.

Thank you Bart, founder of Bright Sky Community, for your friendship and practical, grounded help in this great story.

*Documents available upon request.