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Sovereignty and Love: bright ideas for a better future

‘Sovereignty and Love: bright ideas for a better future’ opens a pathway for the soul. It asks us to explore our present transitions from broader perspectives – including spiritual, critical and grounded dialogue. Sovereignty, defined anew, is brought forward as a catalyst to love. Love is the solution which allows us to embrace sovereignty. Together we may find the bright new ideas which will shape our future.

‘Weaving the wisdom of indigenous elders with the teachings of Sufi Masters, Hannah takes us on a journey into the depth of our own being. This is a book that sparkles with hope, inviting us to show up for Love and Life in service of our future generations.

Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom Hannah! The world needs it!’
Bart de Greeve, Founder of BrightSky Community.

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An online book launch may occur in the new year, bringing elders and spiritual teachers into direct conversation. Stay tuned for these details. To stay updated on the progress of the text and the online conversation register here

*For bulk orders please contact the author direct.