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Birth Trauma – Margaret

Birth Trauma Healing- Margaret

Margaret is a woman in her late thirties. She is a homeschooling mother of beautifully expressive children, an artist and a really fun person. She lives with her husband in a small and colourful home surrounded by nature. When Margaret came to me she was pregnant with her second child and facing huge fears around childbirth.

Margaret’s first birth experience was painful. She had done all she could to prepare for it as holistically as possible. She had attended birthing classes, done yoga throughout her pregnancy, eaten a richly nutritious diet and prepared her heart and her home to welcome this first child. The birth came long and difficult however. By the end of an exhausting labour process, the baby came and with that final push, her perennial floor had ripped dramatically. Margaret had quite a few stitches and a long, painful healing process. She had done a lot to heal from the birth and felt ready to carry her second child. As the birth of the second child approached however, she began to feel more and more afraid. She was afraid of interventions, she was afraid of her slipping confidence and she was afraid of another huge tear, more pain and possibly her failure to deliver naturally.

Margaret and I worked on the massage table in a single session. We spoke of her emotional concerns, her fear and her shame at being afraid. She allowed herself to tremble and to really feel. When we got her onto the massage table, Margaret was ready to fully surrender. She offered up her emotions to love and prayed for healing, confidence and grace.

In our session I first established a sense of safety and resonance between us. Through gentle touch to the head, hands and feet we came into communication. I  gently established safety around the torso and the womb. Margaret then turned onto her side and we began a healing for the perennial floor. The work with the perennial floor is some of the most important work that I do. Many emotions and memories are stored there, not just from our own lives but also from the culture and our ancestry. The tissues of the perennial floor bloom with regular attention and care, however they are mostly neglected in our society.

As we moved through the healing connections, Margaret was able to feel, name and release the energies and emotions that arose. She cried, she trembled a little more, let go and eventually she laughed. Her body fully relaxed on the table. Margaret felt seen, loved and cared for at a deep level. Many of her female ancestors showed up in the spiritual dimensions, offering her their guidance and witness. By the end of the session Margaret felt cleansed, restored and ready to engage the birth process once again.

One month later Margaret gave birth to a big, beautiful boy. The birth went smoothly with no tears or interventions.

This session is one I give frequently, to both women who are pregnant and getting ready to birth, as well as to women who are preparing to conceive. The perennial floor work can help to release physical, emotional and sexual trauma. Because women at these moments in their life are naturally open to the spiritual dimensions, they are often visited by their strong female ancestors who support them in the process.