Jewel of Peace aims to meet each client, student and collaborator in the fresh space of a new dawn. Together we are opening roads for wellbeing that can be navigated with ultimate confidence.

Our mission is to provide quality training, resources and spaces for gathering which allow us, individually and collectively, to set the course of our sails. Powerful yet gentle healing sessions are the wind behind the bow.

We believe

Nothing is
too big to heal

Nothing is too
scary to transform

Nothing is too beautiful
to be present with

Nothing is too powerful
to be a part of

The spiritual life is a foundation upon which the material life may rest

My journey has been one of spiritual wakefulness from the start. As a child I felt close to nature, saw angels and had many dreams.

Study with Hannah is a journey into the core of your essence. Every one of us is a healer. It is within our capacities to heal ourselves as well as others, but to do so we must journey within.

Upcoming Events
Our Books

Sufi Poetry

Poetry is the language of the soul. It inspires us to greater truth, toward beauty and reflection. Sufi poetry is especially moving in these ways. In this e-book I share with you thoughts on poetry as well as my favourite Sufi poets and poems. This will be available to download

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Sufi Prayer

Prayer is a way of being with the divine. As part of both religious and non-religious practices, prayer can take many forms. In this e-book we look at modes of prayer and meditation in the Sufi tradition. It is designed to provide inspiration and a little context to meet your

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Our Podcasts

Water for All with Christine Le Nahedic

Join us as we discuss the power of love and joy in transforming humanities greatest challenges. Through direct revelation, Christine received a message to support the world’s children who are most in need. Providing food and water became her passion. From the ground up, Christine raised funds, went to places

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Marjolein Helena on Rights for Nature

Join Marjolein Kok and I as we discuss rights for nature and living an integrated life. Marjolein has advocated for Indigenous people’s rights for many years and has worked for different organisations on social-envrionmental justice and inclusion. Marjolein currently designs and facilitates multi-stakeholder dialogue processes for systemic change and inclusive

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The Woman Who Whirls

Screened at The Barcelona Short Film Festival 2017, Liverpool Hope University 2017, and The University of Surrey 2017.

The story of a young Mevlevi woman and her path of transformation. Issues of tradition and agency, methods of practice, and contemporary spirituality are considered. Documentary and experimental in style, the film invites the observer into the inner world of the whirling dervish. Directed by Ella Wood.

Produced and performed by Hannah McClure.